Pest Control Articles

Dengue Fever Identified in Florida - Mosquito Control Required
Most Americans have never heard of dengue fever. It’s an ugly tropical disease that recently showed up in Florida. The symptoms include a fever, serious headaches, chills, muscle and joint pain and bloody urine. Although the disease is rarely fatal, it’s downright unpleasant.

The Ultimate Guide to Ultrasonic Pest Repellers
Ultrasonic pest control devices have been highly marketed for more than 30 years. But does electronic pest control work? According to testimonials they're the best thing since sliced bread. Is there any truth to it? Russ investigates.  Read more...

Eco-Friendly Pest Control
Eco-friendly pest control. Some people think that's a contradiction in terms. In this article Russ explains the first step in eco-friendly pest control - without using a drop of pesticides.

Taming Fleas in 3 Easy Steps
Don't wait until you experience a severe flea infestation. Read this informative article by Russ and understand what's really involved in flea control.

Africanized (Killer) Bee Safety Tips
Bee removal expert Russ Franks provides a great overview of the Africanized bee situation in Florida. In addition, he gives some great safety tips for residents who might encounter Africanized bees.

How Bee Removal in Florida has Changed Since the Arrival of Africanized Bees
The State of Florida has changed its bee removal recommendations. Find out what has changed and why in this article.

Mosquito Repellents - How to Choose and Use Them Safely
If you're not prepared, mosquitoes can ruin a get-together or even drive you inside for months on end. Don't let the mosquitoes win! Learn to choose and use mosquito repellents safely.

Indoor Roach Control Techniques
Effective roach control requires a combination of techniques and tools. Learn the ABCs of roach control in this engaging article.

Foreclosures Causing Major Pest Control Problems
Two very different, but serious pest control problems are showing up unexpectedly across the U.S. Hundreds of thousands of neglected homes are sitting vacant, sometimes for years, due to the mortgage crisis and the stagnant real estate market.

Texas Palm Decline
A new and serious palm disease has been discovered in west central Florida. It's set to devastate a variety of expensive palms. To make matters worse, the disease is now suspected of jumping to Sabal palms (Sabal palmetto), a native palm and the Florida state tree.






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