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Honey has been used for millennia as a topical dressing for wounds since microbes cannot live in it. It also produces hydrogen peroxide. Honey has even been used to embalm bodies such as that of Alexander the Great.

Need Expert Bee Removal?

this image shows a busy hive

Bee removal Tampa - If you reached this page, you probably have a bee problem. Africanized Bees, also known as "killer bees" are slowly taking over the state of Florida, including Tampa. They can be dangerous, so for your own safety, please, never attempt bee removal on your own. Please  read the Bee Safety Information below.

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If you have a minute, Russ has written a good article on how bee removal in Florida has changed since the arrival of Africanized bees.

Our expert will follow these steps:
(please don't try this yourself)
1) Find the hive
2) Determine whether the bees are:
    European (laid back) or
    Africanized (very cranky)
3) Remove the bees
4) Remove the nest (bad things happen if you don't)
5) Prevent future infestations

Bee control by experts is fairly straightforward if the bees are European bees. For the most part they're fairly laid back and cooperative. Bee removal gets A LOT more complicated and dangerous when the bees are Africanized Honey Bees. These killer bees are neither laid back nor cooperative. In fact they're downright un-cooperative. They don't need an excuse to attack and they tend to protect their hive and queen at a much larger radius than European bees. If you're interested, the video below is about Africanized Honey Bees. It's short (2 1/2 minute) and from the University of Florida.

Over the past few years killer bees have become established in multiple locations around Florida, including Tampa. They are now well colonized in South Florida and well on their way to becoming well established in Central Florida. As a result, bee removal has become a lot more complicated.

Bee Safety Information

Follow these precautions to
protect yourself:

- Always assume bees are Africanized honey bees.
  They're very aggressive and don't need an excuse to sting.
- Do not disturb bees - ever
- Never swat at bees
- Don't spray anything on the bees
- Seek professional bee control help

If bees become defensive:
- Don't swat at bees. Even laid back European bees
   may get frightened and sting.
- Don't stand still
- Cover your face and eyes
- Get away from the bees quickly.
- Run as fast as you can and much further than you think is necessary.
   Killer bees may pursue for as much as a mile.
- Get indoors if possible. Stay inside. Africanized
   bees may remain agitated for up to 24 hours.

If you are stung:
Scrape (do not pluck) stinger - illustration

Africanized Honey Bees - Public Enemy # 1 (Video 2:30)

Expert Bee Removal in Tampa

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