Mosquito Repellents – Which Ones Work?

Another way you can protect your family is to use a good mosquito repellent. The best repellents will provide protection from bites for a long period of time from just one application. The University of Florida mosquito researchers tested the effectiveness of mosquito repellents based on the amount of time the product will continue to repel mosquitoes after one application to the skin. Details...

Mosquito Control Tampa

mosquito control in Tampa focuses on these insects Tampa - Mosquito control is critical in Florida. Mosquitoes can carry three four very important mosquito-borne diseases that occur in Florida: Eastern equine encephalitis (EEE), St. Louis encephalitis (SLE), and West Nile fever / encephalitis (WNV), and just discovered in Florida in 2009 - dengue fever. All of these diseases are caused by viruses that are transmitted by the bite of an infected mosquito. In addition, mosquito control can help prevent the  transmission of  heart worm in dogs.

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Mosquito Control Methods That Don't Work

Mosquito trapping devices became popular a few years ago. Most trapping devices are based on generating carbon dioxide (CO2) to lure the mosquitoes to the device. Their popularity is based on marketing rather than performance. What do the researchers say about these devices? “There is no evidence at this time that mosquito traps can play a noticeable role in the decline of mosquito populations.” Details...

Misting systems have also become popular in recent years based primarily on marketing. A misting system emits a puff of pesticide fog based on a timer. Research says “Mosquito control misting systems... lack the human element that is critical for effective and environmentally proper mosquito control.” Details...

The Solution to the a Mosquito Control Problem is...
...the “human element” mentioned in the paragraph above. Russ Frank, the owner and manager of Florida Bug Inspectors (FBI) is a Tampa pest control expert. He's been solving tough pest control problems on a daily basis for over 25 years. He holds every major pest control certification. In short, he's an expert.

The mosquito control program used by FBI is based on Integrated Pest Management, and uses 2 proven strategies:
1) Prevention - Do everything possible to prevent an outbreak and,
2) If a problem occurs, interrupt the re-infestation cycle quickly to eliminate the problem

Protect Your Loved Ones
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