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Russ Frank, the owner and manager of Florida Bug Inspectors (FBI), is a specialist. He's been performing termite inspections and termite control for more than 25 years. He can solve your termite problems.

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Termite treatment is performed in 2 basic ways:


Fumigation, also known as "tenting," has been used to treat temites for over forty years. If done properly, this method can completely eradicate drywood termites from a structure. The primary gas used is sulfuryl fluoride, also known as Vikane®.

two story house being tented
image © University of Arizonza

Fumigation is a technical procedure which surrounds the structure with gas-tight tarps, then releases gas inside the tarp, and leaves it there for a specific amount of time. The concentration of gas is closely monitored during treatment to insure that a termites are controlled completely.

Before treatment, the homeowner must remove all plants and animals from the house, as well as medicines and all opened food items. The only exceptions are canned goods and sealed bottles.

After the tarp is removed, the structure must air out. Only after the house has been tested to ensure that no gas remains, can it be reoccupied.

Because the fumigant is a true gas and works as a component of air, no cleanup of clothing, dishes, floors or other surfaces is needed.

Unfortunately fumigation has no lasting effect. Termites are free to enter the structure and begin building a nest as soon as the gas has cleared out. That's why keeping the termites out is an important part of our exceptional service.

Fumigation does not control subterranean termites. Controlling them requires thoughtful planning and monitoring by a experienced professional. Russ is highly knowledgeable and has years of experience. If you have a termite problem, need an inspection, or termite treatment, or if you just have questions about the treatment process, contact Russ at 813-727-4758.


Using Monitoring Stations

A monitoring system works by placing bait stations at intervals around a structure. The stations consist of small amounts of untreated wood inside a plastic holder. Be aware that this method does not work for drywood termites.

termite control using bait stations.
image © UF/IFAS Florida Extension Service

Subterranean termites, while looking for food, encounter the bait station, and begin feeding. During routine inspections, the activity is noticed, alerting the professional to a colony nearby. The wood in the bait station is then replaced with wood impregnated with a termiticide. Because those in the colony share food, they spread the slow-acting poison to others, resulting in a slow decline in numbers. As the workers die off, the colony declines to the point where it can no longer sustain itself, leading to its collapse.

four small drawings showing a man 
		installing a bait station
image © UF/IFAS Florida Extension Service

Extermination of colonies, however, is not a rapid process. In fact it will take months.

The more members of the colony that feed on the bait, the quicker the colony will be eliminated. This is where the experience of a professional like Russ is critical. To be effective, a good baiting program must be undertaken with skill and judgment, and monitored properly.

When termites swarm, they leave their colony to start new colonies. New colonies are constantly forming. Once one colony is exterminated, others will take it’s place. The risk has been temporarily reduced, but it can never be completely eliminated. Long-term, ongoing protection is the only true subterranean protection.

Monitoring is an effective tool to help control infestations. Success requires thoughtful installation and diligent monitoring by a experienced professional, backed by a responsible pest control firm.

Russ Frank, the owner and manager of Florida Bug Inspectors (FBI) is a termite expert. He's been solving tough pest control problems on a daily basis for over 25 years.

Contact Russ by e-mail or by phone at 813-727-4758 to schedule an inspection.

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